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A voice, a few notes, or waves rolling on the shoreline can trigger profound emotions. For many years scientists have been trying to understand the power of sound, which to this day remains a mystery. A handful of researchers today use sound waves to address various illnesses. These practices, however, have not yet been embraced by mainstream medicine.

I hope Condition will broaden the dialogue on this subject.

The psychological impact of catastrophic events, which are intentionally left undefined, form an important theme of the film.

Anywhere in today’s world we are subject to stresses caused by manmade disasters such as 9/11, the Madrid train bombing, the Moscow bombings and the Sarin gas attack in Tokyo, none of which belonged to any particular war. This environment creates a certain condition in all of us. In this sense, we are all prone to some form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Another meaning of condition, one prominent in the Russian language, is a certain emotional state, non-verbal and transcendent, relating to a nonphysical realm. A good part of the film explores this realm, a space in which, absent of words and dialogue, this more spiritual meaning emerges.

Here, narrative is secondary to feeling and atmosphere, expressed in a way possible only in cinema.

I hope the film will evoke multiple interpretations. Perhaps it will encourage one to pause, listen and observe with greater discernment and intensity consider how much we have yet to know about the universe and ourselves.


writer, director, cinematographer, editor

was born in 1977 in Moscow, Russia into a family of astronomers. Since 2004 Severny has lived in New York City where he makes films, still photographs and video installations. Maintaining a recognizable visual style, his works explore human perception, psychology, neuroscience and delve into the mysteries of nature. Severny’s short films Tom on Mars and Disparait, v screened at festivals in London, New York, Barcelona, Milan, Kolkata, Avignon and others. Since 2007 Andrei has worked in collaboration with Edward Tufte, the world-renowned master of analytical design.  Tufte provided mentorship and support for Condition. Condition is Andrei Severny’s first feature length film.

Photo by Julieta Talavera


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